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10 Genius Packing Hacks for Moving Tricky Items

Sigh! If only everything in your home were featherlight and cube-shaped and easily slipped into a standard box. For the stuff that isn’t and won’t, 10 clever time-saving ways to pack.


1. Knives

Keep safe by storing sharp knives inside oven mitts. These cushiony kitchen gloves offer built-in bubble-wrap-like protection, minus the popping sound.


2. Power Cords

Don’t throw away empty toilet-paper rolls; use them to keep your umpteen power cords organized. Just wind cords around your hand and stuff inside the roll, where they’ll stay neat and untangled.


3. Books

You might not need your roller suitcase for vacation anytime soon, but drag it out of the closet anyway: It’s perfect for moving heavy books without breaking your back.


4. Jewelry

And you thought ice cube trays were good only for chilling your happy-hour cocktail. Instead of filling them with water, load dry, empty trays with earrings, rings and delicate necklaces and then cover tightly with plastic wrap.


5. Flatware

Break out the plastic wrap again — this time, for your forks, knives and spoons. Simply lift your flatware tray with its contents out of its current drawer and wrap tightly with the plastic. When you get to your new home, unwrap, slip the tray into its new spot, and you’re done!


6. Glasses

Make friends with the folks at your local liquor store, and ask them to hold aside a couple of wine boxes for you. These cardboard boxes are designed with a dozen compartments, which make cozy storage units for delicate glasses and cups.


7. Clothes

Instead of folding your entire closet into boxes (yawn), keep clothes on hangers and slip them into 30-gallon drawstring trash bags. Cut a small hole in the middle of each bag’s sealed end, so you can pull the hangers through; use twist ties to bind hangers together. Pull the bag down over the clothes and tie a knot with the drawstring. Congratulations — you’ve mastered a DIY garment bag!


8. Mattresses

To prevent your mattresses from getting dirty on the moving truck, cover the tops and bottoms with old fitted sheets. You’ll sleep better knowing your mattresses aren’t grimy.


9. Dishes

Buy a package of disposable dinner-size foam plates, and place one between each plate in your china and everyday (ceramic, stoneware) sets. Instant cushioning!


10. Screws and Bolts

After dismantling furniture, its hardware can be easily misplaced — and, let’s face it, all screws look pretty much alike. Your best bet is to store and label each set in a plastic sandwich bag, and then affix the bag to the underside of its corresponding furniture with masking tape.

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