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Welcome Home? 10 Weird Things Former Residents Left Behind

Sometimes, you move into a new place and discover something so odd, it makes you shudder: a pizza left in the oven; a bayonet in the closet; chicken bones in the wall. What a welcome! Here are 10 especially bizarre “housewarming” gifts.

  • Not a Bright Idea

    When a Maplewood, New Jersey, family moved into their new house, they were literally left in the dark by the seller’s peculiar actions: He’d replaced every working lightbulb in the overhead fixtures with burnt-out bulbs.

  • Say Cheese!

    A Fort Lauderdale, Florida, woman was cleaning out her new home’s basement closet when she saw something pink, white and scary lurking in a corner: a set of false teeth! As if that weren’t strange enough, when she contacted the previous owners, they said they didn’t want the chompers.

  • Showing Signs

    When you walk down into your new basement and see a big, bold warning sign marking the area as a blast zone, you can either worry — or laugh. That’s precisely what happened to two new homeowners in Chicago, who found the sign so hilarious, they decided to keep it!

  • Get a Load of This

    One Phoenix homeowner went to the laundry room of his new abode, where a basket of dirty clothes was sitting on top of the washing machine — but the clothes weren’t his. Ewww.

  • Nailed It!

    People collect lots of things, from stamps to dolls to baseball cards, but an Ann Arbor, Michigan, transplant surgeon left behind a collection worthy of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. When the new homeowners opened a bathroom drawer, they found it was full of human nail clippings.

  • Who’s Hungry?

    When you open the oven in your new home, the last thing you expect to find is someone else’s dinner. But that’s what happened when a Seabeck, Washington, woman found a large pizza left by the hungry (but forgetful) previous owners.

  • Fowl Play

    If you run out of garbage bags, where should you dispose of dinner remains? Behind a metal grate in your home, apparently. An apartment dweller in Washington, D.C., unearthed a trove of chicken bones when the power company came to update his electric meter and removed the wall grate. Wonder where the leftover mashed potatoes are.

  • Holy Moley!

    While doing some gardening in the front yard of their new Little Silver, New Jersey, home, a couple dug up what they first thought was a doll, but turned out to be a statue of a saint. Following religious tradition, the home’s former occupants had buried a plastic St. Joseph to bring them good luck in selling their home. It worked!

  • No Fighting!

    An apartment dweller in Brooklyn, New York, found an engraved 19th-century ceremonial French bayonet on a closet shelf in his new rental. He ended up giving it to his brother, who hung it on a wall in his home. It was a particularly meaningful find, because their late mother was from France.

  • Creature Discomforts

    When a family moved into their dream home in rural Idaho, they were surprised to find it was already occupied — by a colony of snakes. Constant hissing sounds and odd-tasting tap water led to the discovery of thousands of serpents that refused to vacate the residence; the owners eventually moved out.

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