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Buy Two! 12 Essential Double-Duty Items

You don’t need a special organizer for every item in your home; instead, when you shop for these 12 items, buy two — they all do double-duty to get clutter under control.

  • Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

    A compartmentalized over-the-door rack is a smart way to organize a shoe collection. It can also keep cleaning products organized in the broom closet, keep toys tidied up in kids’ rooms, and keep ribbons and tissue sorted in the craft room.

  • Wine Rack

    Organize more than your pinot noir: Add another wine rack in the bathroom to keep rolled towels organized and within easy reach.

  • Shower-Curtain Liner

    If a shower liner can confine water to your tub, it can contain messes in your car, too. Line your trunk with a shower-curtain liner and never worry again about grocery mishaps and muddy shoes.

  • Pants Hangers

    Buy a pack of pants hangers for your slacks; another to hang tablecloths; and another to organize accessories, such as scarves and long necklaces. They’re also great for hang-drying and for displaying art prints (or your kids’ finger paintings).

  • Coat Hooks

    Coat hooks can do for your shoes what they do for your jackets. Install a few hooks in your foyer, mudroom or closet, and use them to hang sneakers and flats.

  • Pillowcases

    Buy enough pillowcases for your bed, and buy a few extra for your clothes. Cut a hole in the closed end of a pillowcase, just large enough for a hanger hook; then, next time you pick up your dry cleaning, pull off the plastic (which can seal in moisture and odors) and slip on a breathable, mildew-free DIY garment bag.

  • Magazine Rack

    While you’re picking up magazine racks to corral back issues, buy extra to keep accessories such as clutches, small purses and wallets within view in your closet.

  • Magnetic Spice Containers

    Spice jars with clear lids have dozens of uses beyond storing peppercorns and parsley. Use magnetic spice containers to get organized everywhere: paper clips, staples and other supplies on your desk; Legos and tiny toys in the playroom; batteries, electronics and tiny glue containers in the workroom; beads, stickers and sewing needles in the craft room; and even lashes and makeup in the bathroom.

  • Formal Dishware

    Next time you pick up pretty serving plates and bowls for a dinner party, buy extras for displaying cosmetics in your bathroom and creating a pretty spot for keeping keys, change, concert tickets and more on your entry table.

  • Garment Bags

    Garment bags are great for keeping dust off of your favorite dresses and suits. They’re also a convenient, portable way to prevent tubes of gift wrap from taking over your closets.

  • Laundry Sorter

    In the laundry room, a sorter is a hero, neatly separating your whites, darks and colors. Buy a second for the garage to tame your family’s sports equipment; footballs, Frisbees, tennis rackets and more fit easily inside.

  • Toothbrush Holder

    Control the clutter on your bathroom vanity: Grab a second (or third!) toothbrush holder to collect makeup brushes and applicators in one convenient spot.

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