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5 Storage Spots You’re Probably Not Using (But Should Be!)

Crammed every closet and stuffed every shelf but still have stuff to store? Look harder: Every home has overlooked spaces that are prime spots to squeeze in some extra storage. Bed Bath & Beyond small space authority Kyle Schuneman identifies five of the best storage opportunities hidden in plain sight.


1. The Back of a Door

Behind every door is a surprising amount of wasted space. “I like to get over-the-door hooks to hang guest towels and light jackets,” Schuneman says. If you’ve got a lot to hang, an over-the-door towel rack may be even better. Schuneman also loves hanging shoe organizers with see-through pockets, which can hold so much more than just shoes — hairbrushes, power cords, art supplies and more.


2. Above a Door

Look up! The space above that same door might be a super spot for some sneaky storage. Just install a floating shelf over the doorway. Use it to show off collectibles, or display decorative boxes filled with photos, craft supplies and other stuff you only use occasionally.


3. Under the Bed

Don’t let dust bunnies take control of this valuable square footage. Instead, get shallow bags or boxes specifically made for underbed storage, and reserve them for items you don’t need daily, such as seasonal clothing, Halloween costumes and guest linens. Want even more space? “Use risers, or bed lifts, to raise the bed without taking up any more of the room’s footprint,” Schuneman says.


4. Above the Toilet Tank

An over-the-toilet stand — a space saver with closed-door shelving to keep toiletries out of sight — offers increased bathroom storage, too; secure it to the wall for added safety. If you want something less furniture-like, hang floating shelves or a wall cabinet designed to fit a small space.


5. Corner of a Room

What’s lurking over there in the corner? More storage space! Available in many sizes and materials, modern corner shelving units are decorative and functional (and don’t resemble your grandma’s curio cabinet). Teak and bamboo work nicely in a bathroom, while metal or glass is suited to a bedroom or living room.

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