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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Under-Sink Space

If the vanity is the only storage spot in your new bathroom, there’s no room for clutter or wasted space. Kyle Schuneman, our resident authority on squeezing stuff into small spaces, explains how to make the most of every inch in your under-sink cabinet.

1. Use Wire Shelves

You can double the size of your space when you position a wire shelving unit inside the vanity cabinet. “By going vertical under your sink, you’ll get a lot more room,” Schuneman says. Store items that have some heft and won’t slip through the shelf’s slots — think bottles of mouthwash and extra bars of soap — and place smaller, lesser-used items on the lower shelf. Before buying a shelf, measure the height and width of the cabinet space, making sure to note where the pipes are.


2. Break Out the Trays

No, not the kind you use to serve drinks (that’s for later!), but the kind you put on top of or slide inside a bathroom vanity to bring order to your stuff. “Assign different trays for different uses: cleaning products on one, makeup or shaving needs on another, etc., so you can take one tray out at a time as you need it,” Schuneman says.


3. Stack Clear Plastic Bins

Use up every precious inch of a cabinet’s vertical space and contain clutter with a few stacks of clear storage bins. (Get bins with lids to make stacking a cinch.) Any plastic organizer will help separate the eye shadow from the iodine, but only clear ones take the guessing game out of, “Where’s the cough syrup?”


4. Opt for Sliding Drawers

If your main gripe about under-sink storage is having to dig through/pull out/practically reorganize the stuff up front every time you want to grab a bottle from the back, save square footage (and your sanity) with sliding basket organizers. Need that defrizzer on a humid day? Slide open the basket to retrieve it in a snap!


5. Hang Stuff on the Door

Don’t overlook the back of the cabinet door, which is just the spot to hang an over-the-door caddy to store cleaning products. Or affix sturdy 3M hooks to hang hairdryers, flat irons and other bulky items, Schuneman suggests. It’s even a good place to hang that jumbo bag of cotton balls you bought on sale. “Poke a hole at the top of the bag, then place it on the hook.” Instant storage!

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