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Oops! How to Fix 5 Moving Mishaps

Did your moving truck hit some potholes? Could your fragile items have used an extra layer of bubble wrap? Don’t despair! Follow these fixes for common moving uh-ohs.


1. Chipped Mirror

No! Anything but your favorite mirror! Mirrors are just like windshields: Many chips and cracks can be fixed, but only a pro can tackle the repair. Consider an alternative: If the chip or crack is near the mirror’s edge, buy (or DIY) a frame wide enough to hide the blemish.


2. Scratched Tabletop

If your coffee table’s surface is looking rough, get crafty. A few swipes of a wood repair pen may help a tiny scratch blend in. For larger scratches, sand and restain or paint the surface. If the damage is a gouge rather than a scratch, and you can’t bear to get rid of the piece, seize the opportunity to update your décor: Top the coffee table with a cushion — instant ottoman! Same goes for dining-room tables: If the dings are too big to fix, give the table a makeover with a fresh stain or a paint job in a graphic pattern — or just put your favorite tablecloths in permanent rotation.


3. Damaged Furniture Leg

Who knew a chair leg could snap so easily? First, mix wood glue and wood filler and reattach the leg; once it’s dry, repaint or restain the item. If the break is too severe, replace each leg with a more contemporary metal leg. If a table leg is damaged beyond repair, consider removing the remaining legs and setting the tabletop on a new base.


4. Smashed Drawer Pulls or Knobs

If a drawer pull (or four) was nicked or — worse — broken clean off, go for a makeover. Pick up new knobs and drawer pulls, choosing ones with the same number of screws as the old knobs; or fill the old screw holes, refinish the item and then install any new hardware that you like.


5. Upholstery Snafus

If your sofa’s snagged or permanently stained, but otherwise comfy, don’t count it as a loss. Hide the flaw with a throw pillow (or reverse the cushion); if that won’t cut it, a budget-friendly slipcover will put the couch back in the game.

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